All catalogs of Ludwig van Beethoven’s works

  • Opus

    Works with Opus number (Opus 1 – 138)

  • WoO

    (Werke ohne Opuszahl – Works without Opus; number  1 – 228b)

  • Anhang

    (Anhang – appendix dubious works – 1 – 18)

  • Hess

    (Hess Werke Verzeichnis 1 – 335)

  • Hess Anhang

    (Appendix Hess of spurious or dubious works

  • Biamonti

    (Biamonti Catalog: Works from 1 to 849)

  • Sketches

    (The fragments in Beethoven’s sketchbooks)

  • Beethoven’s Studien

    Ludwig van Beethovens Studien im Generalbasse, Contrapuncte und in der Compositions-Lehre

  • Spurious

    (Works currently considered apocryphal or appeared with “Beethoven” name)

  • Around Beethoven

    (Transcriptions, paraphrases and variations on Beethoven’s works and works dedicated to the Master)

The Ludwig van Beethoven’s works with Opus number are 138, but the works that were printed at the time but have no work number are many more. We count as many as 228.

These Works are identified with a number of WoO (Werke ohne Opuszahl (compositions without opus number) acronym that we find in the Kinsky-Halm Catalog, published by G. Henle Verlag in 1951 Das Werk Beethovens / Thematisch-Bibliographisches Verzeichnis seiner sämtlichen vollendeten Kompositionen (Beethoven’s works / Thematic-bibliographic catalog of his completed compositions); initially edited by George Kinsky and after his Death in 1955 by his colleague Hans Halm.

We can find the classification of WoO works also in the new thematic catalog, edited by Kurt Dorfmüller, Norbert Gertsch, Julia Ronge in collaboration with Gertraut Haberkamp and the Beethoven-Haus in Bonn, Leinen revidierte und wesentlich erweiterte Neuausgabe des Werkverzeichnisses von Georg Kinsky und Hans Halm – 2014, a new revised and substantially expanded edition of the Kinsky / Halm works catalog. At the bottom of these, a list of 18 dubious works, apocryphal or otherwise unverified authenticity, called Anhang (appendices).

In the site section nammed “Unvollendete Werke”, literally “Unfinished Works” are currently 23 fragmentary works, destined to increase in number. The almost totality of these works already have previous a catalog number (Hess, Biamonti …) .

Willy Hess published his eponymous catalog of 335 works in 1957, grouping variants, fragments and sketches. The Swiss musicologist enriched the list with a supplement in the following years. For many of these works there is a correspondence in the Kinsky catalog – Halm (WoO). The Hess catalog also has a list of 66 “Anhang”.

– The Biamonti catalog, was published in 1968 by I.L.T.E. (Industria Libraria Tipografica Editrice) of Turin, in a box containing three volumes: the catalog of the works by Biamonti, the Beethoven’s letters  edited by Emily Anderson and the conversation notebooks by G. Schunemann.
This work is a model of unparalleled cataloging. Biamonti presents the complete works of Beethoven, published and unpublished, even single musical notes, fragments and sketches of unfinished works (present in various letters and / or documents); in this way, Biamonti catalogs 849 works, classified by date: from 1782 to March 1827.

In separate catalogs we also have transcriptions of works by other musicians, spurious works, works considered original or published in the name of Beethoven. Then the works clearly patented, apocryphal or paraphrase. Finally, a large section is dedicated to sketches not included in previous catalogs.